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How to apply for visa for South Korea

Date uploaded March 1, 2024
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If you dream of wandering Seoul’s lively streets, visiting ancient temples, or enjoying Korean BBQ, then South Korea calls you to discover its treasures. This diverse nation brilliantly blends tradition with modernity.

Travelers from all over the world are drawn to experience Korea’s vibrant culture. However, securing the proper visa is crucial before your trip. Don’t worry, this guide will walk you through the application process step-by-step.

With careful planning and cooperation between visitors, authorities, and local communities, the delights of Korea can be enjoyed safely and respectfully by all. Following the guidance here will prepare you to receive approval and embark on your Korean adventure exploring its rich heritage, natural scenery, and culinary delights. Your next destination awaits – let’s prepare your visa application to make those discoveries a reality.

Determine Your Visa Type

To kick off the journey on the right note, identify which option best fits your planned purposes. 

  • K-ETA: Korean-Electronic Travel Authorization represents an expedited entry for those fortunate individuals from certain countries who are exempt from long waits for short tourism visits. Simply search online for the requirements to receive quick approval for immediate travel.
  • Short-Term Visa: Short-term permits open doors for business negotiations, visiting family, attending conferences, or embarking on cultural trips lasting a few months. 
  • Long-Term Visa: On the other hand, longer stays require visas that grant access to activities such as work, study, or extended exploration across entire seasons. For extended stays exceeding 90 days, you will require this visa.

Carefully determining which option aligns with your intentions ensures that you will be warmly welcomed through the gates.

If you are considering an extended stay, enrolling in the TOPIK examination can significantly enhance your communication skills and support your visa processing. Hello TOPIK offers comprehensive practice questions, learning materials, and realistic exam simulations to thoroughly prepare you for the test.

e-Visa Application

The next step is to request a visa. E-visa services are accessible to facilitate this procedure. An e-visa is an electronic form of visa that can be acquired through the Visa Portal for specific lengths of stay. This system was introduced to reduce the difficulties faced by visa applicants who previously had to visit a Korean diplomatic mission in their home country in person.

However, you should verify your eligibility for the e-visa processing. There are various visa categories such as Professor (E-1), Researcher (E-3), Technical Instructor/Technician (E-4), Professional (E-5), Foreign National of Special Ability (E7) visas, and Dependent Family (F-3) visas. 

Another option is the Short-Term General (C-3-1) visa for potential investors in public business along with their family members. For medical purposes, you can apply for a Medical Tourist (C-3-3) or Treatment and Recuperation (G-1-10) visa through a recognized medical travel facilitator. 

Additionally, people invited by Korean companies might be eligible under the Business Visitor (General) (C-3-4) category. Another option is the Short-term Employee(C-4) visa, which is available to foreign scientists invited by government-funded research institutions in science and technology or accredited universities.

Application Procedure

  • Fill out the e-visa application form with the correct data without any spelling mistakes.
  • Once the application form is completed, you can make the required payment online as well.
  • The step is to wait for the invitation confirmation. Once confirmed, your application will be sent for review.
  • The final step is printing and sending the confirmation to the Korean embassy.

How Can I Get a Visa for South Korea from Nepal?

When applying for visa processing online, you will be able to obtain and print the application form during the final step. When visiting the embassy, please ensure to bring the completed visa application form, along with your passport and ID. 

The Korean embassy in Nepal operates from Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM, with a lunch break from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. It takes a minimum of three working days from the date of submitting your visa application to process it. As an example, if you submit your application on Tuesday, you can expect to receive your visa by Friday.

Required Documents While Visa Processing

  • Passports that have a validity period exceeding six months.
  • Visa fees are payable only in cash. (Korean won only) 
  • Print the visa application confirmation paper issued after completing the online visa application. 
  • Submit visa notes or any related official documents issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you hold a diplomatic or an official passport.
  • If represented by an agent, provide a copy of the letter of attorney in English and both sides of their identification card. 
  • Non-Korean applicants must present the original alien registration certificate.
  • When applying through a travel agency, affix the travel agency nameplate to its business card along with the visa application confirmation.
  • You must submit your old passport if you have been issued a new one within this year.
  • In case of obtaining a new passport, furnish a certificate confirming its issuance.

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